Web Design

Horizons Marketing offers professional custom website design services in Kenya. Our website design services for Kenyan businesses include company websites, community websites, blog websites and eCommerce websites. Below is scope of our website design services in Kenya. Below are the website design services we offer in Kenya
Corporate website design in Kenya

Our website designs are created with the purpose of giving your company the presence it deserves. Our focus is also improving a presence that will give your company more leads and revenue. Our marketing team will work with our designers to create a corporate website that converts traffic to sales.
Blog website design in Kenya

Blogs are very important for your business. We create high impact blogs built on simple content management systems like WordPress, among others. Our professional writers can also help you manage these blogs with high quality content that brings traffic to your website.
E-commerce website design in Kenya

If you want to start an e-commerce business in Kenya- we can do everything for you at a reasonable price. You don’t have to be experienced in running an online store in Kenya. We will set up your store, link a customer relationship management program to the business, design and connect your merchant accounts to help you start making money online through e-commerce.
On-page SEO Implementation in website design in Kenya

The objective of starting website is making sure customers find you online. Our website designs in Kenya come with search engine optimization as a core strategy for your brand. Our on-page SEO implementation in website design will include:

  1. – Identifying relevant keywords we can use to structure your website content around is at the core of our website design in Kenya package.
  2. – Content optimization in website design which helps make your content more search engine friendly. We consider over 17 factors when designing to make sure that your website is SEO friendly.
  3. – Internal linking and a sitemap which will help people and search engines understand where to find where to find your content
  4. – A search functionality to help your customers find useful content on your website.

Social media Integration in Kenya Facebook and Twitter widgets

Social media widgets can help improve conversions on your website- this is something we will do on your behalf if social media is part of your business strategy. With these widgets, we will help improve your website’s trust and conversions. We will also include social media share buttons to your content to improve conversions. Here are some of the companies we whose websites were developed by us.